What are the Most Durable Roof Types?

What are the Most Durable Roof Types?

Picking the best material for a roof replacement involves careful consideration due to the significant investment it entails. Once replaced, the aim is typically to avoid further concern. However, the wear and tear of daily life, coupled with extreme weather conditions, often make this goal challenging. Consequently, the choice of roofing material becomes crucial in ensuring durability and longevity.

Ameridian Commercial, a leading commercial roofing company in Cincinnati for over two decades, is committed to assisting commercial building owners – in making informed decisions and securing the best roof for their clients-. In this regard, we present an overview of the three most durable roofing materials available:

Slate Roofs:

  • Constructed from natural stone cut into shingle pieces, slate roofs are renowned for their durability within the industry.
  • Properly installed slate shingles can endure for 50-100 years.
  • These roofs can surpass the lifespan of their underlayments, requiring replacement only every 30-40 years.
  • While slate tiles are durable and reusable, repairs can be costly, and installation times are lengthy.

Metal Roofs:

  • Available in various styles, such as standing seam or exposed fastener, metal roofs offer longevity and versatility.
  • With a – thick gauge, metal roofs can last up to 50 years.
  • Opting for a hidden fastener metal roof can extend its lifespan and reduce the likelihood of leaks.
  • While initial installation costs may be higher, metal roofs can endure for the duration of a home’s lifespan, offering long-term peace of mind.

Asphalt Shingles:

  • Asphalt shingles are widely favored for their aesthetic appeal and durability.
  • Among asphalt shingle options, dimensional shingles provide the best lifespan relative to their cost.
  • Prices per square foot will vary; dimensional shingles can last 20-30 years.
  • Engaging a certified contractor with a strong portfolio is imperative to ensure proper installation, thereby maximizing the longevity of asphalt shingles.

Membrane Roofs:

TPO-Thermoplastic Polyolefin 

  • Fairly durable, with welded seams, provides a solid roof system.
  • Tends to be less expensive than some other membrane options.
  • Is highly reflective and energy efficient.

EPDM-Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer

  • A synthetic rubber that is durable, flexible and waterproof.
  • Most commonly referred to as a rubber roof.
  • Often used in ballasted roof systems.
  • Depending on the thickness and method of installation, you may expect 15-30 years of serviceable life.

PVC-Polyvinyl Chloride

  • PVC membrane is a great selection for several different applications
  • PVC membrane is available in many colors.
  • Extremely durable to UV exposure, many chemicals, and organic growth.
  • Generally considered to be a premium over EPDM and TPO

In conclusion, there is no one perfect commercial or residential roof. The choice of roofing material significantly impacts a roof’s durability and longevity. Whether opting for slate, metal, membrane, or asphalt shingles, building owners must consider factors such as cost, lifespan, and installation requirements to make an informed decision that suits their needs and preferences.

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